Important Announcement

With your forgiveness and understanding, I am moving my site over to the Cloudflare service, a service that combats bots and spammers and the like.

Cloudflare is used & trusted by over 1/2 million websites including Nasdaq, Cisco, and the White House.

Torah Online as well as my other sites have been plagued by such traffic, and it has caused me real expense and aggravation.

I plan to make the move at the beginning of November 2015. After that time, if you are from Russia or other places which have a bad reputation for hackers, spammers, and/or bots, then you will be challenged by Cloudflare before it allows you access to the site.

I don’t expect this to affect at all any of my students, subscribers, or friends.

I ask you please to understand this in the spirit in which it is being done – namely the overall quality and functionality of the Torah Online site without anything personal to anyone in particular.

Thank you,

Rabbi Boruch Rappaport